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Monday, October 6, 2014

Group One-Section 10 (Disney Project)

So, last class, my group presented our project analyzing Disney and Philosophy.

We took three classic Disney stories (Cinderella, Pinocchio, Snow White) and researched the origins for each tale.
We mainly used the brothers Grimm interpretation as the basis for comparison, because those versions were really the most concrete we could get. Also, the brothers Grimm versions were, well, significantly more grim than the Disney version.

Each story had its own differences, but I can speak for Cinderella in particular, saying that the whole real reason why the change in story was so drastic was to provide a sense of hope for younger generations. It's also important to point out that, once good prevails and Cinderella gets her prince, the evil completely vanishes, rather than being depicted as eyeless in the Grimm version.

Anyways, here's a quick rundown of who did what in our group:
Me (Katherine)-Cinderella research
Francisco-Snow White research
Russell-Pinocchio research
Rachel-put together the entire presentation based on info we sent, created the quiz, helped us find clips

This can also serve as an author post for my group in Section 10!


  1. Thanks Katherine for posting as an author!

    FQ: Which argument implies that God must exist because we have an idea of God?
    A. Trademark Argument

    DQ: What is a universal truth that you can build on?

    Link: I found this pretty amazing book today called "A Syntopicon" which brings together many of the themes and ideas from the 100 greats books of the western world.

  2. I would like to apologize to not only Professor Oliver, but the group.. I volunteered to pick the questions for the upcoming exam, which as we can all see I didn't do. I had an unexpectedly unorganized weekend and I just dropped the ball. It was a simple task so I know I should've gotten it done. So with that being said, I hope you all can forgive me because I am sorry and I feel terrible about it. Sorry again and see you all tomorrow!!

  3. FQ:
    Descartes was more certain about his mind than his body. (T/F) T

    Can you truly be certain that you are not dreaming right now? If so, how?