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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Brief Summary of Inception (Section 14, by Kat)

  A man invents a machine that connects people into the dreaming person's mind. They have to induce deep sleep so that this will work.
  While in the "dream state" the creator realizes that since there are multiple stages of sleep, they can break through the "dream barriers" by slipping further into more dreams.
This "dream state" is only dangerous if the person wants to wake up. Being in the "dream state" for too long can make one forget about real life versus the dream. Therefore, an item should be carried at all times to ensure you are awake.
  In the plot, a rich man dies, and his son is angry at the harsh treatment from his father. The son plans to get the knowledge of what is in a safe that his father kept from him. In the dream, he opens the safe to finds out that his dad loved him.
  Dying and being hurt in the dream, relating to real life, is based on the theory that if one dies in their deep sleep, they don't wake up. Safety would be given up in exchange for control of the dream levels.

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  1. Thanks, Kat & David. The film's plot isclearer now, but the philosophical issues (how can dreams change "reality" etc.) are still murky. But, entertainingly murky. I'll watch it again, with new eyes.

    Give yourselves each a couple of runs for the effort to enlighten me.

    Anyone else have insight to offer here?

    And, anyone ever see a film called "Waking Life"?