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Monday, October 27, 2014

Group 3 Section 13

Today in class we took a quiz over the previous readings pertaining to Locke, Reid, and Berkeley. We discussed Locke and his philosophies. We also discussed memories and remembering specific things from childhood.


  1. A promising first draft. Tell us more, please. What did y'all remember? Why? How big's the gap between that first memory and the next? Why'd you remember THAT? How much of what you DON'T remember corincides with a palpable loss of SELF? etc. etc. Just a little more effort here, everyone.

  2. Voltaire & Gottfried Leibniz
    1. What country did philosopher Gottfried Leibniz come from?
    A: Germany
    2. Who stated 'I hate what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it'?
    A: Voltaire
    3. What does the name Candide suggest?
    A: Purity and innocence
    4. What event shook Voltaire's belief in god?
    A: the 1755 Libson earthquake

    1. Do you agree with Voltaire that there is too much evil in the world or do you believe there is just enough evil to bring out the best like Leibniz?

    2. Do you agree with Voltaire that we should "cultivate our garden"? In other words, should we be doing something useful for humanity rather than just talking about abstract philosophical questions?

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcCWquxr6KA

  3. P.S. I think Voltaire may be my favorite philosopher so far! I think my views are similar to his.



    T/F Gottfried leibniz said "I hate what you say, but will defend to the death you right to say it"

    Voltaire's most well-known work, published in 1759, was called ____

    DQ: do you agree with gottfried liebniz that everything is the way it is for a reason? why or why not?

  5. "Voltaire and Gottfried Leibniz"


    1) Which philosopher used his Principle of Sufficient Reason to come to the same conclusion as Alexander Pope?
    2) Who is best known today for being author of the short philosophical work, "Candide?"


    1) If we could see in God's perspective, do you think we would have a different understanding of why the evils and tragic events take place in the world?
    2) Do you believe that the evils in the world overlook the concept that everything happens for a reason?

  6. FQ: Why was Voltaire imprisoned?
    DQ: Do you think the little disasters, like hurricanes that murder millions and plagues that murder even more, are needed to make the perfect world or universe? Is ours perfect?

  7. Peyton Sorgenfrei12:15 PM CDT

    Who sculpted the most famous sculpture of Voltaire?

    What are the last words of Voltaire's book?

    How can you measure evil?

    If God is the definition of perfect, then how can you validate his creating a world filled with evil?