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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Section 10 Group 2 Midterm Exam Questions

1. What ended the Renaissance of scholarly activity in Athens?
          - The destruction of Athens

2. The word philosopher comes from the Greek word meaning what?
          - Love of wisdom

3. Who was Aristotle's teacher?
          - Plato

4. What is the main teaching of skepticism?
          - Don't commit to anything

5. Who was the first major stoic?
          - Xeno

6. Who wrote the book Confessions, City of God?
          - Augustine

7. Who was the lady in Boethius's cell?
          - Lady Philosophy

8. Those who argue for some form of equality are known as?
          - Egalitarians

9. What book did Machiavelli write?
          - The Prince

10. How old was Hobbes when he died?
          - 91


  1. Brittney Tate
    FQ's & DQ's 10/7

    1. Descartes was an outstanding mathematician who was best known for inventing what?
    - 'Cartesian co-ordinates

    2. Besides being a mathematician, Descartes was also what?
    - An astronomer and a biologist

    3. What was the name of the method Descartes developed?
    - the Method of Cartesian Doubt

    1. Have you ever experienced a false awakening?

    2. Do you believe that the mind or spirit live on after death?

    Link: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/false-awakenings.html

  2. FQ
    1. What is the Method of Cartesian Doubt?
    A: don't accept it as true if there is the slightest possibility that it isn't.

    2. Who was the group that doubted everything?
    A: the Pyrrhonic Sceptics

    1. Do you believe that the mind or spirit will live on past the death of the body?


  3. FQ: Where did Descartes spend most of his life?
    The Dutch Republic

    DQ: Is life after death a scary thought or a comforting thought?

    Link: http://www.biography.com/people/ren%C3%A9-descartes-37613