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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Section 9 Group 1

Today we talked about Pascal, which by the way I personally didn't know that he was a philosopher. I was aware of his contributions in physics and mathematics but not in philosophy. While i read the LP book i was thinking....what if Pascal really truly believed in God and the Pascal' s Wager was just a way to have believe to convert to a certain religion???
I got to think about that just when i read that he said "we should believe in God by heart and faith", and if by heart we can't believe than we should just have faith....faith that by believing and devoting your life to God you will eventually naturally be a devoted christian.
So, i believe that he used his intelligence in order to have people do what he thought was the right think to do.
Today we also got to see the video that my group and I prepared, and hope that everybody appreciated our sense of humor.


  1. FQ:
    1. (T/F) Spinoza enjoyed being social
    2. (T/F) Spinoza's God was impersonal
    3. (T/F) Spinoza was a determinist

    1. Do you think that a perfect fake is "art" in itself?

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM CDT

    1. what is pantheism?
    2. What was Spinoza's God like?
    1. Do you believe in the traditional ideal of God or do you side with Spinoza's ideals of God?
    2. Do you see God in Nature? In other things?

    Ok, so was I the only one that felt that the idea of God in Nature made sense? But a God that reflects like Nature, that never occurred to me. I'm not sure why, haha.

  3. FQ's
    1. What is pantheism?
    2. Projecting human qualities on to a non human being is known as _________.

    1. Is belief in God ans all of the rituals associated with faith a waste of time. Could we be devoting our time and efforts to more meaningful activities?
    2. Is it okay for someone to not be live in a "higher power?"

  4. Supplemental FQ:
    1.The idea that each individual thing has the power to maintain itself as that individual thing refers to Spinoza's idea of ________.

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM CDT

    Yoan Konkobo
    Section 9 Group 1

    1. Does Spinoza view God as an interactive one, that is involved in everyday affairs?
    2. What is Spinoza's Conatus about?
    3. T/F Spinoza believed that we are all part of the same single substance which is in essence "God."

    1. What makes us human, and how do we "maintain" our humanity?