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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Section 9 Group 1- Test questions

1)      What kind of philosopher Socrates was (social or solitary)?
2)       (T/F) All of Plato's writings about Socrates were really things Socrates said.
3)      What was Aristotle's simple answer to "how we should live"?
4)      What was the name of the school that Aristotle founded in Athens?
5)      Epicurus believed that philosophy should be (practical/impractical)?
6)      (T/ F) Stoics believed that emotions cloud reasoning and damage judgement
7)      What was Boethius's medieval bestseller?
8)      What was the most important book of Machiavelli?
9)       (T/F)Hobbes believed in democracy

10)  (T/F) Anslem would agree that the idea of god proves his existence

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