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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sect 10 Group 3 10/28

During discussion today we discussed times when we shared our characteristics and beliefs about something that bothered up. It turned into arguments with coworkers, childhood memories, roommates and more.

Then we went on to discuss how our memories play a role in who we are today. It sort of turned into stories from our childhood, whether they played a role in our life today or not.

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  1. Anonymous12:41 PM CDT

    FQ: Voltaire wrote a scene in Candide using the real life earthquake and tsunami that hit this city in 1755.

    DQ: For those with faith in a modern type of God; how do you perceive the involvement, or lack thereof, of your God in natural disasters? God's plan, vengeance, indifference?

    Link: A free version of Candide by Voltaire. Courtesy of Project Gutenberg, which has free books from all the ages ago for your reading pleasure.