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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Post your report, score some more

Thanks to the presenter-reporters in #13 who kicked us off so well today with your midterm group reports.

And to everybody, in all sections, in the spirit of collaboration and sharing:

If you post your prepared text or Prezi or Powerpoint or recorded version of your report (etc.), you can give yourselves two bonus runs.


  1. Anonymous9:46 PM CDT

    Can I post a picture of the poster board I created for the project?

    (val, sec 10, group 2)

  2. We each have our own individual projects, but the basic structure can be seen on this Prezi.
    I (Ciera) made the Prezi, and E'bone and Kat told me what I should add or fix.
    We each did our own papers, but read over each others for editing.

  3. So over fall break we put more work into the project.
    I made the Prezi, we each designed our own slides, and E'bone will be manning the technology. I plan to be the one explaining the presentation. We will still read our own individual papers.