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Monday, April 14, 2014

Wednesday's Walk

Gil and I took a walk on Wednesday while we enjoyed the weather. We discuss the story of Abraham and Isaac and its meaning to us. We're both Christians, so we see the symbolic representation of Christ coming and taking the death that we deserve. Now, how would we act if God directed us to murder our son for His sake? Both of our answers would be to do it and listen to Him. However, I think it's hard to say what we would truly do since we aren't technically in the actual situation. Good discussion and good weather.


  1. Nietzsche was certainly no fan of Christianity. But I think there's one thing that's essential for faith in Christ and he's missing it: faith.

    FQ: What are Nietzsche's most famous words? (God is dead)
    DQ: Is faith enough to keep someone believing?
    Link: http://www.teachyourself.co.uk/subjects/Philosophy-Politics-and-Religion/God-is-dead.aspx

  2. FQ: Who is the father of psychoanalysis? (Sigmund Freud)
    DQ: What were some of Freud's most influential ideas?
    Link: http://psychology.about.com/od/sigmundfreud/p/sigmund_freud.htm

  3. FQ: What Austrian neurologist and philosopher is known as the father of psychoanalysis? Freud
    DQ: Still on last week but I found it interesting, If you heard a voice and it told you to kill your son in the name of God could you do it? Same as last week, different perspective.