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Monday, April 21, 2014

Daily Quiz

April 21
Keep posting those comments, Q's, & links, about the assigned readings AND final report topics. Presenters, post a summary of your main points and a suggested reading/sources/sites list before your presentation, and give me a printed copy when you present. Everybody, post comments on your classmates and (especially) groupmates' blog post reports. And keep coming to class. As a baseball Yogi once (allegedly) said, "it ain't over 'til it's over."

1. Who was the most famous 20th century French existentialist, and who was his "essential" companion? OR, What are some examples of the "existential" questions they posed? OR, What was their central theme? 

2. What do inanimate objects possess that (according to existentialists) humans lack? OR, What's the point of the Waiter example? OR, What is"bad faith"?

3. Why do existentialists say life is full of angst? OR, Why wouldn't Sartre advise the student? OR, What comes before what, according to ex'sm?

4. What did De Beauvoir mean when she said women are not born that way? OR, What did Sartre mean when he said life is absurd? OR, Who used the Myth of Sisyphus to illustrate life's alleged absurdity (and what's his name rhyme with)? OR, Why is Sisyphus happy?

5. Does Mary Warnock think "bad faith" is always bad? OR, what does Warnock think Sartre was wrong about?

6. How many American social classes did Paul Fussell allege? OR, What's "category X"? OR, Did Fussell consider himself a cultural elitist?

7. What is the most "immoral morality," according to Hugh Hefner's "Playboy Philosophy"? OR, Did Hefner advise lifelong bachelorhood? OR, With whom does Hefner say he has enjoyed a wonderful relationship?

1.196-7   2.197-8   3.199-200   4.200-01   5.PB 226-7   6.AP 268-70   7.AP 275

FQ: Who wrote "Class: A Guide Through the American Status System" and taught at Rutgers University? (Paul Fussell, AP pg. 267)

DQ: Does America have a kind of class system like Fussell describes or can anyone move up?

Link: Paul Fussell on class

  1. FQ: T/F Simone De Beauvoir and Albert Camus were involved with each other for years, but never married. False. p196-7

    FQ: What was the theme of Sartre book "Being and Nothingless"? Freedom. p196

    FQ: How is Human life and Sisyphus task alike? They both are meaningless. p200

    DQ: Are we really free?
    1. Images of difference choice

  2. PB: Warnock

    FQ: Warnock thought that Sartre argued everything is a matter of choice no matter how a person say that they are bound to it because________. You could do otherwise. p224

    FQ: T/F Warnock thought Sartre opened our eyes that moral philosophy can be an exciting and relevant subject. True. p229

    DQ: Is your life made by your choices?

    DQ: Is philosophy exciting to you?

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