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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Philosophers

So, we never decided who was going to do the post, but I figured I'd take care of it so we can get our posts up and taken care of. We saw a few presentations today, including one of our group members, Jordan, who did awesome on her presentation about Nietzsche and Religion. The discussion within class during the presentation made it even more interesting as both Dr. Oliver and some students discussed their opinions of things like morality and religious beliefs. I always find it interesting to see what others believe and their reasoning behind it, because people base their personal beliefs on various reasons.

Everyone who still needs to present should have their project done soon, because if it comes down to the very last day and you can't present because there isn't enough time, that's going to hurt your grade. So get it done, and then you'll have less to worry about for these last few days in the semester.

We're almost done with the semester though. Just a few more readings and posts, and you'll be done. So let's finish strong!


  1. Anonymous8:21 PM CDT

    FQ: What do the "disciples" of John Rawls call themselves?
    FQ: What are the "Two" Principles of Justice?

    DQ: Do you believe that wealth should be distributed through society in a specific way?

    LINK: http://www.ohio.edu/people/piccard/entropy/rawls.html
    This is an outline The Theory of Justice by John Rawls.

  2. FQ: What field did Bill Moyers work in?
    DQ: "It's only when a man tames his own demons that he becomes the king of himself if not of the world." Does a man ever become king of his own world?

  3. Dylan Aycock3:57 PM CDT

    FQ:What book did John Rawls write during the Vietnam War?
    DQ:What do you think about the Difference Principle?