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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Section 12 Group 2

Today we talked about....

Considering the idea of nothing. But is thinking of the idea of nothing thinking of something. Isn't nothing something if were thinking of it?? Mind, Blown.

Arguing the definition of truth, and whether or not there's a point of that argument in the first place.
If your set of beliefs serves your purpose, is that enough to make it "your" truth?
is there a difference between fact and truth?

DID we learn everything we needed to learn in Kindergarten?? And if so, is failing Kindergarten the most EPIC FAIL ever??

We talked about the clash between Philosophy and heavyweight boxing, and wonder what the end result might have been...

speaking of assault, Bertrand Russell hates Pragmatism. Do you agree there is one true definition of truth??

Good day, all.


  1. Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvour

    FQ: Who was the most famous existentialist philosopher? Jean-Paul Sartre
    FQ: Who wrote the feminist book, The Second Sex? Simone de Beauviour
    FQ: Who wrote Being and Nothingness after WWII was over? Sartre
    DQ: Do you believe Human beings are "free?" What does freedom mean to you? American Idea of freedom or something else?
    Link: http://youtu.be/VpC6KCOEXqw this is an interview with them in 1967 it has subtitles to follow along with.

  2. DQ: Is it possible to believe in Darwinism & that God created the universe?
    FQ: How did Socrates die?