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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We did not have a quiz or discussing today. We just took the exam and left. If you did not get any readings done for today you will have to double up and post for Monday. Dr. Phil will discuss today and Monday's reading all on Monday, April, 7.

Today's reading was:
Stern,  p143 (PB)
Hegel & Schopenhauer,  p127-37 (LH)
Common Sense Society, Skinner, Maslow, & Coles  p182-195 (AP)

Monday's reading is:
Mill & Darwin,  p138-51 (LH)
Reeves  p156 (PB)
Coles, Garner, & Burke  p197-212 (AP)


  1. so THATS why I had no idea who Hegel was!! oops... I will have to read to catch up!

    1. Anonymous11:20 PM CDT

      I didn't quite understand him. I liked Schopenhauer out if those two from the LH. Hegel title meant something about a goddess. I will re read it this weekend to get a better understanding. Shoot I have so much reading between this class and two otheres. I be getting all my stories mixed up. It's a wonder I'm keeping up. LOL!

  2. Unintelligent Design was the reading I picked this week. Charles Darwin is a name many of us know, but this chapter really helped me further understand the man behind the name. His theory was the theory of evolution, or evolution through natural selection. This theory is known as one of the best ideas anyone has had ever. Charles Darwin grew up bouncing around from occupation to occupation until he went on a voyage to an island where he discovered the differences between certain species of animals. This discovery lead to his theory of evolution. Many people choose not to believe his theory because it completely rocks the foundation of Christianity and many other religions. What some people do not know is that he had no intentions of causing problems with religious beliefs. He stated that he had no business in claiming wether or not there was a god. He was just a scientist who discovered an incredible idea. I personally like to believe in the idea of evolution, but I am unaware of every aspect of the theory so I do not stand by. With that said I do believe that Darwin was a great man and scientist who should be respected for his ideas rather than criticized.

    FQ: What island did Darwin collect most of his samples on? Galapagos

    FQ:What was the name of the ship that Darwin traveled on on his voyage? The Beagle

    DQ: What is your opinion on the theory of Evolution?

    1. I don't believe that we evolved from Gorillas, Monkeys, etc. Genesis could even be wrong about how man first came about in God's creation, but if it is I still don't believe we formed from other creators. I can't prove it, neither do I have any evidence it's just my opinion. We got here some kind of way. I just don't believe through evolution; Maybe if we did someone will soon one day prove it. Until then I believe we were created as humans from the beginning whether it be from God or another way. My belief is we were human from the start of life, not monkeys.

  3. PB: Reeves on John Stuart Mills -

    FQ: What is the Harm Principle? Live to do what you want as you please and how you want to, just so as you don't harm others. p157

    FQ: What year was Mills book published and what was the Title? 1859, "On Liberty" p161

    Who did Mills say made him? I made me. p157

    DQ: Do you do what you want as long as it doesn't harm others?

    Some Quote's of John Stuart Mills:

  4. LH: Space to Grow, John Stuart Mills:
    Mills didn't get to experience childhood like most of us. It was keep from the outside world of playing. his father keep him studying and learning constantly. He said that it was the best way to raise a child. His opinion only, he got lucky that his son John turned out to be a genius instead of a psycho.
    Mills later decided that Bentham way of happiness was not in his interest. Reading over playing as being a state of happy pleasures Mills stated in so many words, so he came up with is way of happy Harm Principle.
    My opinion he thought about his dad using Bentham method and keep him from a childhood. I'm just saying my opinion. I would have went crazy.

    DQ: Do you agree with Mills dad on keeping a child isolated from their peers just to raise he/she to be intelligent, or a genius?

    FQ: What did Mills say we society should like each person do rather than to force them to conform with one way of living? To do what they want in life and make their own mistakes. p143

  5. FQ: Define the basic concept of the Harm Principle. (As long as you don't harm others, you should be allowed to do as you wish.)

    DQ: Do you agree with the notion of the Harm Principle, and is it really possible to uphold such a standard when sometimes violence is "necessary" in order to prevent greater acts of violence? Is it acceptable to allow other people to harm themselves since the Harm Principle doesn't prohibit harm directed at oneself? What kind of harm are we talking about, only physical or is emotional harm a legitimate form as well?

    LINK: (on the Harm Principle) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z03OXBbLr40

  6. Zachary VanDusen1:33 PM CDT

    DQ: I personally found James Mill using his son as an "educational experiment" unethical, what do you guys think? Do you feel he held his son back from the happiness we feel every child should feel?

    FQ: Which philosopher created the basis for the higher and lower pleasures of happiness? John Stuart Mill

    FQ: ______ stated that it would be better to be a dissatisfied Socrates than a satisfied fool, because Socrates was capable of gaining more pleasures than the fool could ever imagine.

    FQ: John Stuart Mill believed that _________ should be directed only towards children, not adults. paternalism

    FQ: The Harm Principle states what? It states that every adult should be free to live as he or she pleases as long as no one is harmed in the process

    FQ: According to Mill, greater _______ would come from greater _______. happiness; freedom

    FQ: Mill was also a ______ , and published 'The Subjection of Women' that stated that the sexes should be treated equally both in ___ and in ______. law; society

    FQ: Who wrote 'On the Origin of Species'? Charles Darwin

    FQ: Evolution is a _______ process. mindless

    FQ: Darwin on the existence of God: "The whole subject is too profound for _______" human intellect

  7. DQ: Talking about the Mill's Harm Principle, what do you think of how the Church is so into spreading anti-gay sentiment? I can understand why they don't want to be forced to marry a couple in their church, but why are they so into spreading judgemental hate? How are gay couples hurting anyone?

    FQ: Was Darwin an atheist who set out to disprove the existence of God? (no)

    For those of you who want to know a little more about evolution, there is a really good documentary series on it, giving the overview of Darwin (and how he came across this idea) and some of the reasons why it is so influential.

  8. Aaron Caveny2:11 PM CDT

    FQ: what animal did Darwin observe to develope his theory? -tortoise

    DQ: Do y'all think that how we were created be a mixture of the evolution theory and God creating us?

    Link: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2014/02/06/272535141/who-won-the-creation-vs-evolution-debate