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Friday, April 4, 2014

Philosopher in Office? #Final3

Obama the Cosmopolitan

 By definition cosmopolitan means belonging to all the world; not limited to just one part of the world. This is exactly how president Obama has exemplified his ideals since before he was in office, and still today. Global affairs are a topic that you hear him speak about often. Whenever there is a problem over seas you will notice that the U.S. is usually the first country to offer help of any sort. Take for instance the natural disasters in Haiti or the search for the missing Malaysian jet. Obama has not only voiced his concerned for helping with these other nations problems, but he has fronted the effort in actually sending help to them. By observing his actions you can conclude that Obama is a cosmopolitan.
  Where am I going with this you ask? Have you ever heard of the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes? Diogenes is a Cynic, which we know as someone who learned from a school taught under socrates teachings. Diogenes also had a distinctive feature about himself that made him the great philosopher he is today. Diogenes was a cosmopolitan. His life is chronicled in a weird fashion of ups and downs while he went about speaking and teaching in a similar fashion to socrates. Though he did not have the same reputation as other great philosophers, he was still a recognized philosopher among the greats who cared for others no matter where they were from or who they were.
  Obama shares many traits with the great philosophers throughout time. This weeks comparison to Diogenes through their similar styles of cosmopolitism is just one of more to come in my essay of establishing Obama as a legitimate philosopher. Obama is a cosmopolitan similar to Diogenes who thought like Socrates and was strong like Bertland Russel. Who will be the comparison next week? Keep reading and you will find out! #Final3


  1. Great book on this topic: "Cosmopolitanism," by Anthony Appiah. (There's a video link too, at the bottom of our page.) Carl Sagan loved to talk about being "citizens of the cosmos," too.

  2. Ill look into the book and videos! Thank you!