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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oliver's Favs Study Guide Sec. 12

1. What's the all-time Philosophy best-seller (excluding the Bible)? Durant's Story of Philosophy, AP 170

2. What did Hume relate the basis of scientific reasoning to? (Animal Instinct, PB pg. 103)

3. What distinction of John Locke's did Berkeley reject? Primary/Secondary qualities

4. What does 'Esse est percipi' mean? To be is to be perceived

5. What does cogito ergo sum mean? I think therefore I am

6. What 18th century skeptical Scottish Empiricist rejected the Design Argument (aka Teleological Argument) for the existence of God? David Hume

7. Why did Hume say we tend to expect the future to resemble the past? Instinct

8. What did Richard Rorty think we understand better when we abandon notions such as "the intrinsic nature of reality" and "correspondence to reality"? Truth

9. Who invented Cartesian coordinates and invented the Cartesian method of doubt? (How many syllables in his name? What's it rhyme with?) Descartes

10. What English philosopher said the mind of a newborn is a blank slate? John Locke

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