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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oliver's Favs

I am not sure if we are suppose to post on an exam day, but just incase....We took the daily quiz and  briefly discussed it. More discussion will happen Monday along with the most recent readings.

Thank you,
Jay Mashburn


  1. I am posting here because my author has not posted yet.

    During our last class we just to our second exam and left. We were going to double up with the reading on Monday. I read a portion of America the Philosophical and found that Robert Coles' views and analysis regarding spirituality and children very interesting.

    FQ: Cole believed that children, like adults, grow more theological and pensive when faced with what? (tragedy)
    DQ: Could the intense childhood spirituality that Coles delicately elicited persuade nonbelievers that Freud and the Enlightenment were wrong, and the great religions right, just as effectively as -- more effectively than?
    Link: Biography of Robert Coles http://www.scottlondon.com/articles/coles.html

  2. (FQ) Which philosopher was raised to become a genius? John Stuart Mill
    (DQ) What do you think about the way John Stuart Mill was raised?

    This site has a lot of interesting stuff about his life.

  3. FQ) What languages was John Stuart Mill learning at age three? Greek and Latin
    DQ) When Mill spoke about tyranny of public opinion was it something distilled by his father or was that his way of thinking?

    Link) http://www.nndb.com/people/147/000030057/

  4. Brianna Carroll11:34 AM CDT

    FQ: Robert Coles attributed his avoidance of religious concepts to his what?
    (Psychoanalytical training) AP 197
    DQ: Do you agree with Frued's perspective that religion is an "illusion 'derived from
    human wishes'" and a "universal obsessional neurosis?" (AP, 197).

    More info about Frued and his views on religion:

  5. FQ: LH says Darwin was not a philosopher but what? (Biologist and Geologist)
    DQ: Do you agree with Darwin's theory of evolution?

    Facts and Stuff about Darwin:

  6. Morganne Stanfill1:53 PM CDT

    I could not find my group, so I am posting here.

    DQ: Do you think Mill's father's choice of teaching his son the Socratic method of cross-questioning and encouraging him to explore ideas rather just learn them a good method of teaching children? Why or why not?

    FQ: Which philosopher was an educational experiment as a child because his father, a friend of Jeremy Betham, believed if a child is brought up the "right way" there is a good chance he or she will become a genius? (John Stuart Mill)