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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We (Zack, Aaron, Colt, Sam, Jon, Shante', and I) went on a peripatetic walk today.

Some of the things we went over were what Marx may have thought about the top communist groups around today (North Korea and China).
China is an odd one to me because it isn't really communist right now. Maybe that is why Marx would have been saddened by it.  All of the worst parts of capitalism seem to be still in play in these communist parties, but it seems the benefactors are different. I don't think the plight of workers is lessened in these countries, but I've never been there to see for myself either.

We also talked about what Abraham did when he heard a voice telling him to sacrifice his son. We think God asking Abraham doing that would be contradictory to what he lays out in his commandments, and if God is perfect he cannot be contradictory. We also said that if you describe it as "a voice in his head" it sounds completely nuts and may be overly biased. We pointed out that when people discuss a subject in this way there isn't a lot of actual knowledge being gained. For example, the priest who asked Huxley if he was related to a monkey on his mother or is father's side.  Anything can be made to sound ridiculous or crazy.

We attempted to formulate our own more fair system of pay. We didn't think it works out to try and force people to work as hard as they can and get the same return as those who don't contribute as much.  This is not how human nature is and it is not how any animal lives.  It is ridiculous to view yourself as a part of nature and also expect to be able to put more work forward than you will receive in turn indefinitely.

Having said that, capitalism also has noticeable flaws. The gap between those who have money, education and connections, and those who don't is too extreme to be called fair.  Sam envisioned some kind of tier system where everyone in a certain tier gets the same as the others in his tier, and if you are able to contribute more you could move up in tiers.  This would prevent rampant separations in class that we have today.


  1. I forgot to ask, Who is going to the Lyceum?

    1. Anonymous1:05 AM CDT

      Thanks for the post. I'm not going to make it. I think Sam was talking about maybe seeing if it could fit it in his schedule.

    2. That's too bad. I think I am going to go to it unless anything comes up here that makes me late. I think its funny to read the poster, because the guy lives in Woodbury, just like me!

    3. Anonymous7:53 PM CDT

      Post all about it when you get a chance.

  2. LH: Peirce and James, Nietzsche, & Freud;

    James talks about how things can be true and false. The can be true at the time or how you interpret it or they could be false. It is whatever works.
    Nietzsche I think I was confused when I finish reading about him. I did get the fact that it was in a asylum until his death and his sister took his work and used what she thought was fit for her pleasure or way of thinking.
    Freud on the other hand I quite understood, but totally do not agree. Repressing our unconscious thoughts could be possible for those thoughts that are to dangerous to surface. That wasn't what really got me it was the fact he thinks that a boy have unconscious of killing there fathers just to marry and have sex with their mom. Maybe that's what Freud wanted and it's sick. Then there was how our dream are examples of what our conscious desires.

    FQ: What are the three positions of believing God does exist, no he doesn't exist, and maybe I don't know? theism, atheism, & agnosticism. p167

    DQ: So What? Started off with a parable about a hunter circling the squirrel; do you think the hunter is circling the squirrel?

    FQ: There are plenty of lines in Nietzsche works that defend the _____ of the ______ to ______ the _____. right, strong, destroy, weak. p175

    DQ: What understanding did you get for The Death of God?

    FQ: Who is the Greek mythology where Freud gets his though of a boy wanting his mother? Oedipus. p178

    DQ: In Freud's Thoughts of Disguise, he talk about a dream of a snake or umbrella and a sword. If you was having that dream do you would it mean what Freud said that it's a penis, or a purse & a cave being a vagina?

    I think Freud might have been a woman version of a nympho.

    1. just for fun. A squirrel running around


    2. I definitely need to watch my typo? Sorry hope you can understand it all.

    3. You just made me "laugh out loud," Shante, with that lasts DQ. Thank you!

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      I need to watch my typo too.

  3. LH: Ridley and Talisse

    Existence of life was a terrible mistake. Maybe we all should not have ever been born. Well at least that's what Ridley said according to Nietzsche on Art of Truth.

    FQ: The world is ultimately _____ and _____and ______ striving. chaos, destruction, meaningless. p173

    FQ: T/F Art gives illusion to something which is Flux. True p176

    FQ: Once Nietzsche comes out of his positivist period he will still think what of the world? It's inherently chaotic, indifferent to human purposes and human needs. p179

    DQ: Do you feel as if you and everyone else should have never been born at all?

    FQ: Peirce want to distinguish his views by giving it the name 'Pragmaticism' a name that is? 'ugly enough to be safe from kidnappers' p193

    FQ; Who does Peirce see as one of the kidnappers? William James p193

    FQ: What does James belief in God mean? hope for the improvement of the universe. p195

    FQ: T/F Pragmatism is just a simple philosophy that get to the deeper thing; an explicit rejection of the thought should not pursue traditional philosophical aspirations. False p200

    1. Shante'5:07 PM CDT

      This was from PB not LH, my apologies.

  4. posting here because my author has not posted.

    During or walk we discussed different views of politics and political theories and Marxist famous slogan. We discussed how each of us took a stance as a middle man to capitalism and communism, none of us chose either right wing or left wing, rather we stuck with the middle ground and decided that a combination of both would be best or that at least had some influence in each side.

    During the reading, I found myself close to, but not completely agreeing with Chomsky's political philosophy. And I find it very difficult to believe that America (or at least America's media) would reject such a wise man.

    FQ: Major American media did not take Chomsky seriously as a ____________? (political philosopher)
    DQ: Do you agree or disagree with Chomsky's view that "Nothing can justify crimes such as those of September 11, but we can think of the U.S. as 'innocent victim' only if we adopt the convention path of ignoring the record of its action and those of its allies, which are, all, hardly a secret?"
    Link: Great NYT article on Chomsky: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/10/opinion/fish-scholarship-and-politics-the-case-of-noam-chomsky.html?_r=0

  5. Sam Cook1:22 PM CDT

    FQ: What sixteen paged article by Fukuyama was published in the National Interest? "The End of History?" (AP, 231)

    DQ: At what point does imposing your philosophical ideas become unacceptable? Is it alright to spread your beliefs by force?

    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YK65ooLTqg

  6. Zachary VanDusen2:02 PM CDT

    Fq: pragmatism is concerned with what? Practical consequences

    FQ: Truth for James was what works and has a _______ impact on our lives. Beneficial

    FQ: To James, truth is what ______. Works

    FQ: James thought the problem of other minds was true, other people do have minds because they satisfy our desire to be _______ and ______ by other people. Recognized; admired.

    FQ: which philosopher felt that words allow us to cope with the world, not copy it? Richard Rorty

  7. I have known about Sigmund Freud for awhile now, and I did not expect to see him in this book. I look psychology so I found this part of LH very interesting. I liked his explanation into how civilizations base their whole culture on feeling protected with the idea of religion. He implies that many cultures use these illusions as a way to cope with the feelings they had as a small child. Freud is one of my favorite people when it comes to his idea process of unconscious thought and explanations.

    FQ: What is another name for a Freudian slip? Slip of the tongue

    FQ:What career did Freud start in? Neurology

    DQ: Do you believe that Freud's theory of how your brain relates thing is accurate? I personally do not. I think that it is somewhat deeper than just a simple relation. Everyone is different

  8. Aaron Caveny2:19 PM CDT

    FQ: Freud was the founder of what? -Pyschoanalysis

    DQ: how much do psychology and philosophy intertwine and do certain peoples psychological thinking effect their philosophical beliefs?

    Link: http://www.ted.com/conversations/13649/is_psychology_applied_philosop.html

  9. FQ: Whose work was more widely read, Pierce or James? (James)
    DQ: Are only things that produce practical results "true?"
    Link: http://www.uky.edu/~eushe2/Pajares/truth.html