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Monday, April 7, 2014

Why not?

Today in class we took extra time going over the quiz, because other class mates were taking the exam. We watched videos about evolution, and read blog posts. After going over the quiz we grades exam #2 that we took last Wednesday. Remember if you got a 90% or above on both exam #1, and #2, then you are exempt from Exam #3. We broke up into groups and talked about reading an split up reading.


  1. Woohoo! no exam three for me! =]

    FQ: _________ saw himself as a kind of Socrates of Christendom? - Kierkegaard pg. 168 PB

    DQ: Was Abraham's decision to sacrifice his son Isaac really any kind of admirable act?

    Link: http://www.exchristian.net/uploaded_images/ByTheBook32-710681.PNG

  2. Stephanie Byars6:48 PM CDT

    FQ: Who wrote a "spiritual autobiography" titled "Omens of Millennium: The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams, and Resurrection"? (Harold Bloom, AP 217)

    DQ: What's your opinion on Bloom's view of angels, prophetic dreams, and near death experiences?

    Link: http://www.anselm.edu/homepage/dbanach/dcarg.htm

  3. You watched the evolution videos? I posted & recommended some, but we didn't watch 'em. Y'all should, though. Just not during discussion time.

  4. FQ: Who was born in Jerusalem, raised in Cairo and later educated in America? AP pg.225 (Edward Said)

    FQ: Edward Said was seen as the founder and inspiration of what theory? pg. 224 (Postcolonial theory)

    DQ: What did you think about Arab–Israeli conflict?


    Review of Edward Said’s “The Question of Palestine”

  5. Edward Said Thought

    He referred to himself as a "Christian wrapped in a Muslim culture". Said experienced much confusion growing up and was quoted as saying that "with an unexceptionally Arab family name like Said connected to an improbably British first name (my mother much admired the Prince of Wales in 1935, the year of my birth), I was an uncomfortably anomalous student all through my early years: a Palestinian going to school in Egypt, with an English first name, an American passport and no certain identity at all".

    Link: http://www.arabphilosophers.com/English/philosophers/modern/modern-names/eEdward_Said.htm

  6. FQ: T/F: Marx believed that capitalism would endure through the ages. (F)

    FQ: Who co-wrote the 'Communist Manifesto' with Karl Marx? (Friedrich Engels)

    FQ: If the upper class is the bourgeoisie, then the working class is the ____________.

    DQ: How do you think the US population would react if the government attempted to eliminate private property?


    family guy/ USSR joke.

  7. FQ: Who was seen as the founder and inspiration of "post colonial" theory?
    ANS: Edward Said

    DQ: What do you think of Said's "post colonial" theory?


  8. Erin Herbstova12:32 PM CDT

    FQ: What is the name of the Israeli movement? AP 213-- Zionist Movement
    FQ: What is the name of the journal Howe edited for 26 years? AP214-- Dissent
    FQ: Who would shoot the first person to applaud a play he did not like? AP214 Jacques Vache

    DQ: Do you think that either side(Israeli's and Palestinians) really want peace in the form of the "two- state solution? Do you think its possible?"
    DQ: What was your interpretation of the tale told about "trying to write a letter large enough for a deaf man to read and understand" ?

    Link: I don't know how many of you are familiar with what Yiddish is but its a kind of a language that is partnered with Hebrew and many Yiddish words and phrases have made their way into American English vocabulary. So I am posting a link to a list of Yiddish phrases and words and you might recognize a few like : nosh, shelp, klutz, bagel, glitch, etc.... Sorry its not the most philosophical link but it is neat nonetheless.

    Link: This is probably a more relevant and philosophical link. They are links to some philosophical discussions about The Arab-Israeli conflict. I may not agree with all of it but it provides interesting perspectives.