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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why not?

Today in group we talked about stages of sleep.  The main topic we discusses was dreams, what are they, can we control them, and how do we remember them?  We came to a conclusion that writing down your dreams as they happen is a way to jog your memory about your dreams.  Half of our group went to walk, so we divided up reading, to those who left first come first serve! See ya monday!


  1. Stephanie Byars12:40 PM CDT

    FQ: Who wrote "Class: A Guide Through the American Status System" and taught at Rutgers University? (Paul Fussell, AP pg. 267)

    DQ: Does America have a kind of class system like Fussell describes or can anyone move up?

    Link: Paul Fussell on class

  2. FQ: What is the philosophy (if you can call it that) associated with Hugh Hefner? (Playboy philosophy pg. 272)

    FQ: What year was the first Playboy published? (1953 pg. 276)

    FQ: Who was the centerfold for that issue? (Hint: JFK) (Marilyn Monroe pg. 276)

    DQ: How did Hugh Hefner change the world?


    A link to Hugh Hefner's "The Playboy Philosophy."

  3. FQ: What 20th century philosopher and author was one of the founders of existentialism?
    FQ, ANS: Jean-Paul Sarte

    DQ: Do you believe that being an novelist gives philosophers a thinking advantage?


  4. Erin Herbstova2:08 PM CDT

    FQ: what French philosopher refused to accept a Nobel Prize? (SARTE)

    DQ: What connection do you see between SATRE's activism and phylosophical ideology.

    DQ: Do you see Marxist influence in SARTE"s ideas ?