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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Philosopher in Office #Final5


"Philosident" Obama

 This post is my fifth and final exert in the "Philosopher in Office" series. I am going to first recall my comparisons. The first weeks post was a comparison of our president to the great questioning philosopher Socrates. They both question the way things are and attempt to create a change in society.  The following post in my series was a comparison between Obama and one of our more recently studied philosophers Bertrand Russell. Obama and Russell are both pacifists, yet they both know when to take action in order to properly handle their business. In my series' 3rd post I compare Obama to the cynic Diogenes. Both the president and Diogenes are great cosmopolitans who care about the worlds affairs and neither of them put themselves or their nation before others. The 4th week of the series was more of an observation than a comparison. I explained how Plato believed that civilization would never work unless there was a philosopher in power, therefore we should be very glad that the one currently in power is a philosopher. 
   With this being my final report in my series I would like to add my opinion to the subject. I personally believe that president Obama is a present day combination of the several great philosophers. I also would like to add that I believe Obama would more than likely agree with me as well as all of the philosophers I mentioned. Many people dislike our president, but once you read my series, you too should agree with me. Why wouldn't you? I mean just the thought of having greatness like Obama as the leader of our free world should make you more patriotic. Whether or not you agree with my findings is up to you, obviously, but I hope that my series was helpful in informing you in the idea of Barack Obama being the most philosophical U.S. president of all time. #final                             

Thank you guys for reading!


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  1. Obama's pre-presidential books do indeed reflect a philosophical temperament. You've laid the praise on a little thick, but there's no question that he's our most cosmopolitan president, and that his election did much to redeem our country's global reputation after the hit it took during his predecessor's tenure. That Nobel Prize was premature, though. It'll be interesting to see what historians say in fifty years.