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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Philosophers ( Zach, Christopher, Chandler, Yousef)

Sorry for the late post  guys. On Wednesday we had another peripatetic philosophy session. We walked around Walnut Grove discussing different things but in particular the moral dilemma Abraham faced in the Bible. We pretty much unanimously agreed we would not hurt our child if we "heard a voice in our head commanding us to do so." We also asked ourselves if Marx's idea of communism is even possible and we came to the conclusion that it is pretty much a utopia ideal and most likely impossible to achieve. See you guys Monday!!


  1. Anonymous5:58 AM CDT

    (PB) Talisse

    FQ: What three major figures does "American Pragmatism" include? (PB 190)
    FQ: Pragmatism is described as a _________. (PB 190)
    FQ: Who did Pragmatism begin with, and what was his definition of it? (PB 190)
    FQ: "If you perform certain __________ with it, you get certain __________." (PB 191)
    FQ: What types of things did Pragmatists say would put you philosophically off on the wrong track? (PB 192)
    FQ: What is Logical Positivism? (PB 192)
    FQ: What is William James' problem with Pierce's statement of Pragmatism? (PB 192)
    FQ: What does Pierce change the name of his view to? (PB 193)
    FQ: What does Pierce call James after Pierce renames his philosophical view? (PB 193)
    FQ: What does James think about the meaning of believing in God with his view of Pragmatism? (PB 193)
    FQ: What did William James famously say about truth? (PB 194)
    FQ: What did belief in God mean for James? (PB 195)
    FQ: What is transubstantiation? (PB 195)
    FQ: What is the theory of inquiry? (PB 196)
    FQ: True or false: There is only one version of pragmatism?

    DQ: Are the views of Pragmatists correct in saying that questions that bothered the likes of Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Kant, etc. have set us off on the wrong path?

    LINK: http://www.iep.utm.edu/pragmati/
    This is a more in-depth explanation of what Pragmatism is.

  2. Zachary L. Duncan12:45 PM CDT

    FQ: What was the most famous words Friedrich Nietzsche?
    Answer: God is dead.

    FQ: What describes an imagined person of the future who is not held back by conventional moral codes, but goes beyond them, creating new values?
    Answer: Ubermensch or Super-Man

    FQ: According to Freud, what was the third great revolution in human thought?
    Answer: Discovery of the unconscious

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzRbCrIWURY

  3. FQ Did Freud think that unconscious decisions made a large or small impact on ones life?
    DQ: Do you think Freud and Nietzsche would have agreed?
    Link: A part of a documentary about Freud

  4. John Connor Coulston4:47 PM CDT

    DQ: does the hunter circle his prey?
    FQ: did James have a pragmist philosophy? A: Yes
    Link: https://www.marxists.org/reference/subject/philosophy/works/us/james.htm

  5. John Connor Coulston4:57 PM CDT

    FQ: when did James die? A: 1910
    FQ: when did pragmatism become popular? A: late 19th century
    FQ: Who started pragmatism? A: C.S. Peirce
    FQ: when was Peirce born? A: 1839
    FQ: who was more popular, James or Peirce? A: James
    FQ: what university did both lecture at? A: Harvard
    FQ: "truth is what works" describes who? A: James
    FQ: What was the title of James' 1902 book? A: The Varieties of Religious Experience

  6. John Connor Coulston5:06 PM CDT

    Who said god is dead? a: Nietzsche
    When was Rorty prominent? A: 20th century
    Who would say there is no right answer to the squirrel question? A: Rorty
    Is "god exists" a true statement?