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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Philosopher in Office #Final4

Everyone who has ever read anything relative to philosophy knows the name of one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived, Plato. Plato, as we know was the great scholar who learned from Socrates and taught Aristotle. Something you may not know about him is that he had outrageous faith in the capability of philosophers. He was known for suggesting in his book The Republic that until philosophers are in positions of power such as a king or president, that the human race is doomed to be inevitably less successful.
  This weeks report is less of a comparison, and more so an observation. If you have been reading my past reports then you should know at this point exactly why I am elaborating on the ideals of Plato. Plato would be proud to know that a true philosopher has made it to his rightful position. President Barack Obama is a philosopher, and I think we should be glad that he is.
  Plato was a wise philosopher that spent his entire life presenting ideas and solutions to everyday life. I believe that he is most correct about his idea of having philosophers in positions of power. Over the past reports I have shown examples of Obama's characteristics that are philosopher like, and seeing as though he has been mostly a success in office, that leads me to believe Plato must have been right in his assumptions on who should hold the power in our societies. With this second to last #final report I have compared the excellent ideas of Plato to the example of our president Barack Obama


  1. When Carlin Romano visited us in November he said he'd breathed a big sigh of relief year earlier, when our "philosopher-in-chief" was re-elected just as the paperback edition of AtP (with its chapter on Obama-as-ph'er) was coming out.

    Wonder what he'll do after his presidency? Write philosophically about the experience of leading the "free world," no doubt.

  2. FQ: Who wrote the book "The End of History and the Last Man"? Francis Fukuyama
    DQ: Do you believe in destiny? Why or why not?