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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Daily Quiz

April 30

1. What's John Searle's "Chinese Room" thought experiment supposed to show? What was Alan Turing's "Test"? OR, What did he consider most interesting about the brain? OR, What does Searle think "understanding" requires? OR, Does he think an uploaded mind would be conscious?

2. Do most of us feel the same, according to Peter Singer, about a stranger dying elsewhere in the world and about a child drowning in front of us? Should we? OR, What was Singer's most influential book? OR, Why does Warburton compare Singer to Socrates?

3. What are some of Barack Obama's "rules for philosophical discourse"? OR, What are the "most substantial books" written by any President? OR, What's Romano's response to those overseas who mock America as a nation concerned only with power and money?

1.LH 234-7   2.LH 240, 242, 244   3.AP 598, 604-5

Exam #3, for those not exempt: Monday May 5, 3:30 pm, KOM 452. Watch this space for a Study Guide, coming soon.

We'll finish report presentations before Monday's exam. Final report essays and blog posts are due NOW.

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