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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Philosophers

Class was fairly short because Dr. Oliver had something to do. We had class outside, which is nice because the temperature reached a point where it wasn't too hot or cold, and the weather was nice. While we were outside, we took our quiz, and then Dr. Oliver discussed a bit about the quiz questions.

I want to remind everyone that even though presentations are starting soon (next week if I am not mistaken), those of us still in the running to be exempt from the final still have to post through next week. If you have to do a final project, good luck. If anyone needs help coming up with ideas or something for their paper or presentation, let me know. I don't mind helping out, just know that I'm not going to do any of your work for you. I'm just going to give ideas.

So yeah, we're almost there. Only 4 more class sessions and then our final exam day and we're done!

Also, this is just an idea, but we should ask Dr. Oliver if he would be willing to offer extra credit through posting about a section of the books that we have not covered. This would be especially useful to anyone who missed a post throughout the semester. It wouldn't replace a missed post/day of class to help you get exempt from the final, but it could help out with participation points. If he was willing to do this, he could allow what would usually be considered a run to only be half or a fourth of a run, allowing someone to make up a percentage of the points if they really wanted to improve their grade. Dr. Oliver, if you read this, I know this is quite a large request, and it's not necessarily for me but my classmates. It is easy for a student to forget to post twice each week, and while forgetting responsibilities really isn't a good excuse, it can also be unintentional rather than a blatant disregard for the course material. This could allow students to retain more information, which is ultimately a professor's intent. This would require students to put forth more effort as well if they really desire a better grade. Please consider this idea Dr. Oliver.


  1. Post questions, comments, & links on the assigned readings AND/OR on final report presentation topics.

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM CDT

    (PB) Warnock

    FQ: Which 20th century French novelist and philosopher was a founder of existentialism
    FQ: According to Warnock, what is bad faith?
    FQ: What kind of philosophy became more exciting and relevant because of Sartre?

    DQ: How can a single individual's moral choice effect society?

    LINK: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/j/jeanpaul_sartre.html
    These are some awesome quotes from Sartre

  3. Chandler schewe12:49 PM CDT

    Fq: who said that there is no meaning to existence and that we create our own meaning(s)? Dq: final paper topic: what style of philosophy(ies) do you relate to most and how do you use it in your own life?

  4. FQ: Hugh Hefner founded what?
    DQ: What do you think of the "Playboy Philosophy"?

  5. FQ: What was Sartre's book that was long and complex called?
    DQ: Do you think your actions are a template for what society should follow?
    Link: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/sartre/
    Here's a good link to Sartre from stanford

  6. http://www.brooklynrail.org/2005/07/express/the-playboy-philosophy-turns-40

  7. John Coulston2:58 PM CDT

    FQ: Who is the most famous existential philosopher? A: Sartre
    DQ: Do you think humans are alive for a reason?

    Link: https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/sartre/works/exist/sartre.htm

  8. Dylan Aycock3:08 PM CDT

    FQ: Who used the Greek myth of Sisyphus to explain human absurdity?
    DQ: "Life doesn't have any meaning at all until we give it meaning by making our own choices, and the before too long death comes and removes all the meaning that we can give it" Do you agree with this?

    Link: http://philosophynow.org/issues/69/Becoming_A_Woman_Simone_de_Beauvoir_on_Female_Embodiment