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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why Not?

On Wednesday, we took our usually daily quiz and then went straight into the test. Since we only got a brief glimpse at Monday's reading, we're going to cover it in detail tomorrow. We didn't get to assign readings, so I guess it's first come, first served for posting questions. See everyone tomorrow! :)


  1. Stephanie Byars8:05 PM CDT

    FQ: Who created the Harm Principle? (John Stuart Mill)

    DQ: Do you agree with Mill's ideas about paternalism?

    Link: John Stuart Mill-Utilitarianism

  2. FQ: What late 19th century victorian philosopher was a philosophy teacher at Cambridge University? (Henery Sidwick)

    DQ: What are the different kinds of utilitarianism?


  3. FQ: Who wrote 'The Spiritual Life of Children"? (Robert Coles pg. 197)

    FQ: T/F: Coles believed that a child's world view was worthless and should be disregarded. (F)

    FQ: Children, like adults, grow more pensive and theological when faced with _________. (tragedy pg. 198)

    DQ: If you switched all the children from christian homes with those from muslim homes, how do you think their world views would change?


    This is the 'Institute for the advancement of philosophy for children.' Check it out if you are interested.

  4. Erin Herbstova11:58 AM CDT

    FQ: Who was once described as " the finest literary critic in the world"? A: Kenneth Burke (AP pg208)

    FQ: While studying Shakespeare's plays what intrigued Kenneth Burke? A: the psychology of the audience (AP pg.209)

    DQ: Do you think Mill had an influence in political and social reform? How So? Or do you think they were just simply ideas not acted upon until many decades later?

    DQ: Why do you think so many people disagree with the conclusions from Darwin's Research?

    Link: This is a neat link to past exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/past-exhibitions/darwin

  5. FQ: Who was describe as a "made man", as "manufactured" b his father James Mill and Jeremy Bentham? PB pg.157

    FQ: What book was published in the same year as On Liberty? PB pg.162

    FQ:FQ: What is the Harm Principle? PB pg.163

    Origin of Species by Charles Darwin overview

    On Liberty by John Stuart Mill summary

  6. FQ: What kind of pragmatist did Talisse say he was not? Rortyan

    DQ: What kinda of pragmatist would you consider your self?

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBcOGa671QA
    a short video about Rortyan Pragmatists.