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Monday, April 21, 2014

Section 12 Group 2

Our Walk about this afternoon was rather short because we only had about 15 mins to talk.  Our first discussion topic was if you can just say your a philosopher does that make you one?  many of the people in our group said yes you could.  While Evan remember something from the beginning of the semester where he said that if you have something that can be refuted its a philosophy which makes you a philosopher.  then we discussed some of the final report topics in our group.

Have a wonderful week! see you Wednesday!


  1. FQ: Who said in The Human Condition that modernity is characterized by "the loss of the world" or the restriction/elimination of traditional standards and values?
    Answer: Hannah Arendt

    DQ: Arendt seemed to view modernity in quite a stark manner, saying basically that people are out for themselves and don't learn from history, etc. Agree? Disagree? Care?

    Link: They made a movie about Arendt! Here's the trailer:

  2. Morganne Stanfill2:19 PM CDT

    On Popper

    DQ: Do you agree with Popper's view on Science?

    FQ;Which philosopher feels scientist try to prove their theories are false? Popper


  3. FQ: How many christians are in the world today?
    DQ: Is it foolish to not believe in a God?
    Link: http://people.wku.edu/jan.garrett/philvws.htm

  4. okay, so our group doesn't have an author post for wednesday so i will just write one on here...

    Hannah Arendt
    FQ: Who was the German Jew woh emigrated to the United States? Arendt
    DQ: Do you think that Eichmann should be held accountable for the aftermath of his actions or is he excused because he was just simply following orders?