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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Olivers Favs

FQ)What is the fair opportunity?
DQ)Do you believe that science is based upon evidence that can be falsified? Explain?


  1. (DQ) Do you think it is acceptable to sacrifice one life to save more?
    (DQ) What do you think about the saying "life isn't fair?"
    (FQ) What book did John Rawls write through 20 years of hard thinking? A Theory of Justice
    (FQ) Did John Rawls believe that excellence should be rewarded? No

  2. I found that the presentations that were given today very interesting.

    FQ: What was the type of philosophy that John Rawls focused on? Political
    DQ: What are your views on the Difference Principle?
    Link: John Rawls on Justice article: http://people.wku.edu/jan.garrett/ethics/johnrawl.htm

  3. FQ: who wrote A Theory of Justice during the Vietnam war?
    DQ: Rawls had an idea that we need to think clearly about how we live together and the way we influence others lives, what do you think about this?


  4. Brianna Carroll2:16 PM CDT

    FQ: What is considered to be the most famous work of political philosophy of the 20th century?
    DQ:Do you think political philosophy is high in importance?

    More on John Rawls: