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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Section 8 DQs and FQs

For the Feb. 10 assignment

DQ: Stoicism embraced the idea that we are responsible for what we feel and think. Do you think that that people who do sadistic things act on a matter of choice or do their emotions just change like weather?  (LH) pg. 29

     FQ: What was the name of the U.S. fighter pilot who was inspired by Epictetus philosophy? (LH) pg. 29

FQ: What did Cicero described in his book On Old Age the 4 things dealing with growing older? (LH) pg. 30

    FQ: Who  words are these? "Life is short, art is long". pg. 31

DQ: Are you type of person that live life to the fullest? Well according to Cicero, would you want to live old or die when you fulfill your bucket list? pg. 30

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