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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Section 12, Group 3

Part of our group decided to participate in peripatetic discussion and so we were split into two smaller groups, and then we had Johnathon join us from another group.
Our part of the group decided to continue the class discussion about whether or not we agreed with the theory of oblivion. We talked about how if there were to be nothing after we die, then it would not make much sense in the way of equivalent exchange. Humans are more than just chemicals and ingredients, we have souls and there has to be somewhere for them to go after we die.

Also, our scores are as follows:

Heather - 0 today, 3 total
Taylor - 1 today, 3 total
Marisa - 2 today, 9 total
Nathan - 2 today, 7 total
John - 1 today, 6 total
Zach was our group's floater today

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