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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quiz Questions for Section 12 (1-29 & 2-3)


Who was put to death for asking too many questions?
Where is Socrates from?
Who is Plato’s most impressive student?
What killed Socrates?
Socrates & Plato lived in what century?
What modern government does Plato’s ideal/book represent?
(T/F) For Socrates, a conversation that ended in everyone realizing how little they knew was a failure. (LH p.2)

(T/F) For Socrates, wisdom consists in knowing lots of facts. (LH p.3)

Plato's parable of the cave was intended to illustrate the distinction between appearance and reality, and to introduce his Theory of ______. (LH p.5)

Does M. M. McCabe prefer to teach by lecturing Socratically? (PB p.8)

Who said Eros is the search for your other half? (PB p.12)

What's good about Plato's concept of Eros as contemplation of the Form of Beauty, according to Angie Hobbs? OR: What's bad about it? (PB, p.17)


In the Raphael painting School of Athens, is Aristotle pointing up? LH p.10

What was Aristotle's word for happiness, success, or flourishing? LH p.11

Did Aristotle think we could learn to live a good life, or that the state should attempt to teach us how? OR, Did he think it appropriate for individuals to focus on the pursuit of their own self-interest? Irwin p.26-7

What Scottish philosopher countered William Paley's Design Argument posthumously, arguing in part that it rested on a weak analogy between human artifacts and natural phenomena? P p.12

What question does the First Cause Argument for the existence of God invite? P p.16

What kind of evil does the Free Will Defense fail to account for? P p.25
Where was Aristotle born?
What was Aristotle’s answer to the question: “What can we do to increase our chance of eudemonia?”
What does “ethika” mean?
Who was one of Aristotle’s famous students?
What is the Design Argument?

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