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Monday, February 23, 2015

Group 1 Section 12

This post is for our group to post their contributions to our presentation in the comment section below. Our presentation will be over Augustine and his contributions to Philosophy.

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  1. Our group is doing our presentation about Augustine and how he contributed to Philosophy. I will be contributing by talking about the childhood of Augustine and about his early career. I read a lot of interesting facts about Augustine that I will implement into my speech from http://www.philosophybasics.com/philosophers_augustine.html. This source provided me with more than enough information to give a well-rounded piece of this presentation. I think this will be a good chunk of information to help compliment the rest of the group on what they are going to bring to our presentation. This information will let me fully inform my audience about Augustine’s life and what lead him to being the great Philosopher he became. Though Augustine’s life seems very simple with further investigation I believe we can learn more about Augustine than we ever presumed that we would in the first place. I will explain how Augustine contributed some much work to Philosophy. He wrote over 100 works in Latin, it was mainly discussing Christian doctrine and apologetic works, this eventually leading into the discussion of ‘confessions’. I will be presenting his early life chronologically so the rest of the class will better understand it. I will be giving a brief summary of his family background, and when and where he was born.