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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Peripatetic ATL (Annie Gillcrist, Tyler Wren, Lance Egly)
Section 12
Moderator- Annie
Author- Tyler
Scorekeeper- Lance

We talked about how we knew if we missed the things that we love, rather than loving the things that we miss.
To relate to this further, we mentioned the song "Let Her Go" by Passenger, as it relates to this philosophical topic.

We also talked about how if there was no "good", then how would we know if there was "bad".


  1. SCORE:

    Lance- 2
    in all- 10

    Tyler- 3
    in all- 13

    in all- 13

  2. Nathan Osborne12:22 PM CST

    I could not figure out how to post to the blog, but I guess this will suffice. Sorry for any inconveniences!

    Section 12 Group 3
    Tuesday Feb. 10

    In our group today we had a long conversation based around the idea that some wrong or bad actions may actually be right or good thing to do. In spite of the beliefs that society places on morality we found that case by case is the only manner in which one should be able to judge what is right or wrong. In the case of stealing to feed a family for example, we asked if it is necessarily wrong of one to temporarily ignore the ideal that stealing is against the moral nature of man in order to save a family. There is a bit of grey area in many cases.