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Thursday, February 19, 2015

section 12 team ball is lyfe

FQ: which philosopher theories were closely related to Aristotle? Anselm or Aquinas?

DQ: Do you believe in God because you truly have faith or are you just scared of Hell?

I do not agree with Anselm theory about since we all have an idea about God, God does really exist. A lot of what we know about God has come from our families or our parents, so I believe just us knowing of God or and idea about him is only what people have told us. To tell you the truth I believe he was just trying to get people to stop asking IF there really was a God. Aquinas was smarter I feel when trying to prove that God does exist and I like his concepts on happiness about it being only a sensation.

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  1. FQ: Did Gaunilo agree with Anselm about his view on God's existence?

    DQ: How would you go about proving God's existence?