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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Test Questions

Section 8
Group 2
 Here are the test questions we chose from previous quizzes to hopefully be on our test next week.

1. (T/F) For Socrates, wisdom consists in knowing lots of facts. -False
2. What poison was Socrates forces to drink? -Hemlock
3. In the Republic, what are the three groups that made the perfect balance, according to Plato? -Philosophers, Soldiers, Workers
4. What was Aristotle's word for "happiness"? -Eudaimonia
5. Would Aristotle agree with people making him an absolute authority on topics? -No
6. (T/F) Aristotle supported Plato's theory of forms. -False
7. (T/F) for Kant, harming animals is wrong because it damages our character and relationships. -True
8. Did Socrates ever write anything? -No
9. What did the free will defense fail to account for? -natural evil, disasters, diseases, etc..
10. (T/F) Seneca only had one job? -False

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