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Monday, February 23, 2015

Jacob's Contribution: The Comic Strip Philosophy

My group decided that we would analyze the philosophy within comic strips. The comic I chose is called "Zits." It focuses on the aspects of an average teenager's life. In the specific comic that I chose, the teen is choosing to ignore his own mother in favor for his phone. This is most likely true for a lot of teens today. Society has grown fond of using technology, but we have lost the fundamental communication skills of face-to-face interaction. This will inevitably lead to a society where all social interaction is lost. People will only spend time with their electronic devices and ignore other people completely. Can a society actually function this way? Is it possible to go through your life with little to no social interaction? No matter what occupational field one decides to take, social interaction is a necessity. People of today need to care less about their devices and more about their social skills. It would be much easier on the entire population if everybody stopped caring about their phones so much. Without the distraction of cell phones, people are forced to interact in a healthy and normal way instead of over the Internet. The more face-to-face interaction between people, the better people will become at communicating. The better people get at communicating; fewer problems will be solved with violence. Overall, the phones give people a distraction from dealing with their problems. The blame is not entirely on the device; it is also on the person. We should try to be less like the boy in the comic, and be more like an active member of society.

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