Up@dawn 2.0

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Section 8 Group 2

Today we talked and shared our viewpoints mostly over the question of whether or not a child can truly be happy. while viewpoints dipped on both sides of the question, we mostly came to the consensus that children can truly be happy. To come to this conclusion we referenced memories from childhood that represented true bliss to us.


  1. FQ: T/F Pyrrho believed that as a skeptic, you must have only friends whom believed just as you did.
    DQ: Do you think that believing in God brings forth a true need for evidence, or is it possible that those whom chose to believe, believe not because of the visible truths of God, but because of their supposed heart transformation after "coming to know God"?

  2. F(Q): According to Pyrrho, what three questions should be asked if anyone wants to be happy?
    D(Q): What do you think happens to us after death, what is your viewpoint about eternal life?

  3. FQ: What does Epicurus say not to be afraid of?
    DQ: What is faith? Is it simply a justification for denying scientific evidence contradicting the existence of a god, or is it something more?

  4. FQ: Epicurus never wrote anything down T or F
    DQ: Have you ever experienced a supernatural event, such as a miracle, that made you believe there is some sort of higher power?