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Friday, February 6, 2015

2/5/15 Section H01 Group 3

In our group discussion today, we continued talking about the fear of death, dying, and oblivion. We came to a general consensus that the act of dying is more fearful than actually dying, and that eternity is more scary than dying is. We then drifted into a brief conversation about what types of death are more scary and what types are more peaceful (such as being set on fire, which sounds horrifying and excruciating, as opposed to drowning, which is actually peaceful). We talked about the Egg Theory, which is that everyone has the same soul. When you die, you are reincarnated repeatedly until every person that has ever lived has had a turn, of sorts. In short, everyone is the same soul. We changed topics then and talked about free will, and how much of what we do is a conscious choice, as opposed to a subconscious choice.


  1. I really enjoyed this discussion, especially the part where we discussed whether or not a person is still intrinsically that same person regardless of circumstances such as if the person's brain is put in a different body or if the person is cloned. I feel like we won't be able to answer questions like this until we are able to actually test them.

  2. FQ: Who was one of the first stoics?
    FQ: Did stoics believe our attitude is more important than what happens to us?

  3. This conversation was really interesting to me--I love hearing everyone's different opinion on things like this. I agree that dying doesn't scare me as much as the idea of eternity--especially if you are conscious for that eternity. My brain can't quite wrap around it. We also talked about whether your soul is attached to your body, relating to what Andrew said about brain transplants.