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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jeffrey Janie Andrew Victoria Holly Maggie Noah Rebecca

We talk about how wanting to get old. Yes! Unless you get sick and such, but with modern medicine people stay young a lot longer. Wouldn’t want to live without consciousness but it might be better then living with consciousness and without body. We seem to agree that assisted suicide is ok under certain parameters and the idea of “your time to go” is stupid.



  1. I really hope that I age without losing mental functions. In general I have begun to look forward to aging, even though being young is really super swell!

    1. I agree, aging and losing mental function would not be fun at all. I honestly think I would prefer to age physically more, as long as I wasn't paralyzed.

  2. I have always thought that the day I lose mental function or totally lose physical capabilities will be the day I'm ready to go. I don't ever want have to be entirely dependent on someone else. I also agree with Janie, being young really is pretty swell.

  3. I really want to live to 100. I think I would want to stop living when I became a hindrance on others, such as if i was in a comatose state or couldn't remember anything. But otherwise, I would love to grow old--I am looking forward to retirement. The downside is watching your friends and family die though.

  4. FQ: What was the name of one of the Jewish or Arabic philosophers mentioned?

  5. FQ: Was Augustine a Christian from birth?
    DQ: Do you believe it's better if God gives us free will, even if it results in more death and destruction? Or would it be better to have no real choice, but have a better and more perfect world?