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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Section 8 Group 2

Today when we broke into our groups we reviewed a few questions from our notes and all collaborated to come up with good questions for our test next week and also discussed what we were going to do for our mid term. Since we had such a small group today we decided to go with a Disney themed project and the philosophy behind each movie we chose.


  1. 2/23 Section 8 group 2
    FQ: T/F Machiavelli wasn't very fond of Cesare Bergia's tyranny during his reign.
    DQ: Do you believe that lying and manipulation are the only way to bring forth success in a political setting?

    FQ: What book did Machiavelli write directly after he was banished?
    DQ: Do you think Niccolo was an evil person with evil thoughts or was that just his view for politics that are evil?

  2. FQ: What two animals did machiavelli suggest leaders should take character traits from?
    DQ: Should a leader be more benevolent or machiavellian in their leadership tactics?