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Monday, February 23, 2015

Study Guide

I should have emphasized more strongly: our study guide should include page references to relevant texts, not just Qs and As. I urge you all to study for the exam by re-reading and reflecting on relevant texts, NOT by rote memorization.

We'll use these for all sections. 

1. What do Philosophers have trouble dealing with?
        The simple tasks in life.

2.What is the definition of Philosophy?
          Love of wisdom

3.What did walking help Philosophers do?
        It helped them think deeper, and more clearly.

4. What was the name of Aristotle's school?
         The Lyceum

5.How many books did Socrates write?

6.What Philosopher doubted his own senses?

7. Epicurus enjoyed writing.T/F

8.Augustine was an Atheist. T/F

9. Where did Boethius write his last book?
          In Prison. 

10. Philosophy was a woman that appeared to Boethius in his home. T/F
8/ 2
 Here are the test questions we chose from previous quizzes to hopefully be on our test next week.

1. (T/F) For Socrates, wisdom consists in knowing lots of facts. -False
2. What poison was Socrates forces to drink? -Hemlock
3. In the Republic, what are the three groups that made the perfect balance, according to Plato? -Philosophers, Soldiers, Workers
4. What was Aristotle's word for "happiness"? -Eudaimonia
5. Would Aristotle agree with people making him an absolute authority on topics? -No
6. (T/F) Aristotle supported Plato's theory of forms. -False
7. (T/F) for Kant, harming animals is wrong because it damages our character and relationships. -True
8. Did Socrates ever write anything? -No
9. What did the free will defense fail to account for? -natural evil, disasters, diseases, etc..
10. (T/F) Seneca only had one job? -False
1. (P 3) The caricature of a philosopher is of a brilliant person who is hopeless at dealing with what?

Everyday tasks

2. Did peripatetic philosophy entirely cease, with the destruction of Athens in 267 A.D.?

3. Are This I Believe always famous people? no

4. (T/F) For Socrates, wisdom consists in knowing lots of facts. (LH p.3) False

5. T/F Socrates wrote everything down False

6. In the Raphael painting School of Athens, is Aristotle pointing up? LH p.10 yes

7. "Epicurean" originally meant someone who indulges in luxury and sensual pleasure. LH 24  false

8.What or whom prolonged the life of Phyrro? his friends

9. What was Epicurus’s school of philosophy? Epicureans

10. Does the modern definition of “epicurean” match Epicurus's beliefs?  no

Team Ball is Lyfe Section 12 Study Guide and Post for Midterm project

Our 10 questions for study is:

 Who was put to death for asking too many questions?

Who is Plato's most impressive student?

Plato's parable of the cave was intended to illustrate the distinction between appearance and reality, and to introduce his Theory of _____

What modern governmet does Plato's ideal/book represent?

In the Raphael painting School of Athens, is Aristotle pointing up?
No he is pointing down.

What was Aristotle's word for happiness or success?

What does ethika mean?
Study of character

Who was one of Aristotle's most impressive students?
Julius Caesar

Boethius was killed very swiftly and without too much pain. T/F

Where does Augstine come from?
Hippo, in Algeria. 

Also we can post our 250 word summaries here for our project.

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  1. In the H01 section study guide question 6 states: "In the Raphael painting School of Athens, is Aristotle pointing up? LH p.10", and the answer given is yes. However in many other study guides provided and in the LH book p.10 it states that Plato is pointing up and Aristotle is pointing outwards. I believe the correct answer should be no.