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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Team Ball Is Lyfe Section 12

We discussed whether or not we want to live to be old and what it means to live as an old person, being in a coma and decisions to keep the person alive or not, and capital punishment and whether or not it's moral.


  1. : T\F Augustin believed in his younger days that God wanted evil to happen ?

    DQ: Do you believe that God wants evil to happen and that is why he does not do something to stop it?

    I really enjoyed reading the chapter on Augustin. It talked about Manichaeans belief that the soul was the reason for the goodness in us and the body is what tempts us for doing wrongful actions. This made me think about what I have been taught in church and they would always just say we are only human but never get down to why we do things that are bad just that we should not do them and stay on the path of the Lord. I also loved how he said he gives free will that's why he does not step in and change the evil doings. I believe that is why we have a hell for a reason and a heaven I believe that evil can triumph on Earth but in the end gets what it deserves by going to hell.

  2. 12

    While reading these different philosophies, I tend to agree with such thought provoking views but to see the creators reject their own philosophies and viewpoints reminds me to think independently. Choosing between right and wrong moral decisions can be challenging when trying to make the right decision but to justify that decision makes the situation more complicated to me.

    FQ: T/F Manichaeism was a religion that originally came from Peru. LH 36
    DQ: Do you believe God controls everything we do including evil?