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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Th 19 - Anselm & Aquinas(LH); Kenny (PB); Politics 1 (P 78-88)- equality, democracy; H1 visitor-Laura Clippard

We'll catch up on Tuesday's snowday material: Boethius (LH); Animals (P 67-77), and Augustine etc. from last Thursday in #s 12 & H1. We also need to nail down plans for next week's exam* and **reports.

T 24 - Machiavelli (LH); Skinner (PB); Politics 2 ((P 88-102) - freedom, civil disobedience

Th 26 - Exam 1; Midterm group report presentations begin

Let's get those *exam study guides posted by Sunday.

For midterm group reports, go ahead and post your 250-word **contribution summary as soon as you can.

*Exam #1, to be drawn from our daily quiz questions, is Feb.26. Let's begin collaborating on a study guide (we can't finish it 'til near the end of the month but we can start it now): each group, plan to select ten of those quiz questions (along with relevant page references), then copy-&-paste them into an author post labelled "Exam 1 Questions, Sec.__/Grp.__". Once all three groups in your section have done that (supplemented by my contribution if necessary), we'll copy-&-paste them all into a post labelled "Exam 1 Study Guide, Sec.__".

Time to select reporting groups and topics for midterm group report presentations, which begin Feb.26. Possible topics include any pre-Cartesian philosopher, anything discussed inPhilosophy: The Basics, or pop-culture and philosophy (see the Open Court and Blackwell sites, for ideas and source material). Each group member is to focus on a different aspect of the topic, and to **post a summary of his/her contribution beforethe reporting date.

MTSU Applied Philosophy Lyceum: Friday Feb.27, 5 pm, COE 164. Bonnie Mann, U.of Oregon-"Gendered Play and Gendered Torture: Lessons from the War on Terror"-followed by a catered reception. You won't want to miss it.

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  1. My FQs for the day:

    1. (T/F) Egalitarians believe that humans should be considered equal in every aspect of life and appearance. (P 79)
    2. Which argument of Aquinas's states the belief that all things come from a creator and disagrees with the idea of an infinite regression? (LH 49)