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Friday, February 20, 2015

Group 1- Study Guide (Section 008)

1. What do Philosophers have trouble dealing with?
        The simple tasks in life.

2.What is the definition of Philosophy?
          Love of wisdom

3.What did walking help Philosophers do?
        It helped them think deeper, and more clearly.

4. What was the name of Aristotle's school?
         The Lyceum

5.How many books did Socrates write?

6.What Philosopher doubted his own senses?

7. Epicurus enjoyed writing.T/F

8.Augustine was an Atheist. T/F

9. Where did Boethius write his last book?
          In Prison. 

10. Philosophy was a woman that appeared to Boethius in his home. T/F


  1. As I was unable to attend the last class due to weather and distance, could the two gentlemen who asked me to be in their project (008-01) please contact me via D2L or school email or even here as I do not know your full names.

  2. For our group presentation my contribution was looking up a webpage, or different webpages that I felt went along with my standings on what I believe about God. Each member of our group has a different opinion about the belief of God therefore, each member was to find some article or webpage that went along with his or her beliefs. I found a post by a philosopher name William Lane Craig that was discussing if God existed or not. His blog post stated that he did believe and showed the eight reasons why he did. He discussed various reasons of why he did, some I agree with and others I am on the fence about. His views are not necessarily those of a Christian, but from someone who find logical reasoning to believe that there is a God who is the reason for everything. He released a book that answered questions that non-believers and believers have. I took my own opinions and beliefs and compared them to what his were. The reasons he gave were reasons that I would give to someone else I just could ever find the right explanation. During our presentation I look forward to sharing some of his views and how they do or do not correlate to my beliefs.

    Section- 008