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Thursday, February 19, 2015

H1 Study Guide

I was thinking it would be nice if these were all together for our class, so yaknow comment with other nominated questions. 

These are for Group Three (Janie, Jeffrey, Holly, Victoria, Andrew, Maggie, Noah, Rebecca) and they only go through the questions through  February 5.  

1. (P 3) The caricature of a philosopher is of a brilliant person who is hopeless at dealing with what?

Everyday tasks

2. Did peripatetic philosophy entirely cease, with the destruction of Athens in 267 A.D.?

3. Are This I Believe always famous people? no

4. (T/F) For Socrates, wisdom consists in knowing lots of facts. (LH p.3) False

5. T/F Socrates wrote everything down False

6. In the Raphael painting School of Athens, is Aristotle pointing up? LH p.10 no he is pointing out

7. "Epicurean" originally meant someone who indulges in luxury and sensual pleasure. LH 24  false

8.What or whom prolonged the life of Phyrro? his friends

9. What was Epicurus’s school of philosophy? Epicureans

10. Does the modern definition of “epicurean” match Epicurus's beliefs?  no


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  2. Quick Correction for #6 of group 3: Aristotle is NOT pointing up, but pointing out. Plato is pointing up.

    1. i fixed it! sorry about that!

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  4. Group 2
    1. Who planted his own garden and made his own gravel path for peripatetic walks?
    -Charles Darwin
    2. Who taught Socrates everything he knew about love?
    - Diotima
    3. What was Aristotle’s word for happiness, success, and flourishing?
    - Eudaimonia
    4. For Immanuel Kant, a deontologist in ethics, a moral action is one performed from a sense of what?
    5. What will wise persons always base their belief on, in the words of David Hume?
    - Rational thought; evidence of beliefs
    6. According to Stoics, what does it mean to be philosophical?
    - To be philosophical is to accept what you can’t change
    7. The point of modern skepticism is to get closer to what?
    - The truth
    8. Who said belief in God should be treated like a gambling proposition?
    - Pascal
    9. What kind of evil does the Free Will Defense fail to account for?
    - Natural disasters
    10. In his lifetime, how far did Thoreau walk?
    - 10 times around the Earth

  5. Group 1-H01 Study Guide

    1. Plato's parable of the cave was intended to illustrate the distinction between appearance and reality, and to introduce his Theory of ______. (LH 5)
    - Forms
    2. What was the name of Aristotle's school? (LH 10)
    - Lyceum
    3. Who taught who, in what order: Plato, Socrates, Aristotle? (LH 8)
    - Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
    4. Who was a tutor to Alexander the Great? (LH 10)
    - Aristotle
    5. What question does the First Cause Argument for the existence of God invite? (P 16)
    - Who created God?
    6. (T/F) Epicurus said it's reasonable to fear death. (LH 23, P 34)
    - False
    7. (T/F) Augustine was a chaste and pious youth, converting to Christianity while still a boy. (LH 35)
    - False
    8. Which stoic wrote On Old Age? (LH 30)
    - Cicero
    9. Who consoles Boethius in his prison cell but also reprimands him for having forgotten her? (LH 41)
    - Philosophy
    10. What insect did Socrates compare himself to? (LH 1)
    - Gadfly