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Saturday, February 14, 2015

section 12 team ball is lyfe: FQ and DQ for 02/17/15

I was not sure if we needed to post anything for the chapters we are assigned for Tuesday, so I just wanted to do this just in case!

DQ: If you were in jail and sentenced to death what would you do while waiting for your execution?

FQ: Boethuis was killed very swiftly and without too much pain. T/F

I believe that yes God knows everything but we still have free will. I believe that God knows the decision we will make if they are good or bad but he still allows us to make those choices. I loved Boethuis thoughts and the woman named Philosophy thoughts as well. Everything that the woman philosophy said about God is what I also believe.

I did not like reading the chapter on animals too much. It made my stomach hurt just thinking of an animal in pain. If I were ever to meet someone who agrees with "Animals don't feel pain" I believe they would get slapped repeatedly by me. I loved Jeremy Benthams thought that animals should be included in mortal assessment oof how we behave.

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    I tend to believe that since God knows everything including what we do next, we do not have free will. So to say that we are puppets in God's world doing what he ultimately pleases. I enjoyed reading about the peace of mind Boethius received once talking to Philosophy. Getting answers until one is satisfied is always gratifying. As far as the animals chapter, I believe animals experience pain and should have rights to protect them from evil that come from humans.

    FQ: T/F Boethius wrote a medieval bestseller called "The Constellation of Philosophy." LH 41
    DQ: Are animal rights an important issue to fight for? Why or why not?