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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Group 1 Section 8- Breanna

Group 1 Section 8 chose to decipher the philiosophy of comic strips.

Breanna Martin

                For mine, I chose Popeye, the brave and strong salior man. In the comic he is fish, along with his love interest Olyve Oyl, He then proceeds to catch a “whale” and insists on taking it back home. It is clear that there is no room for the fish on the boat, but he doesn’t let that stop him. Olyve refuses for her seat to be taken by the fish, so Popeye makes a last resort choice. At the end of the comic , Olyve and the fish are in the boat while Popeye pulls the boat by hand. He shows true determination.

                This comic shows that anything can be accomplished with improvision. Popeye seems to be a man of reason, but all reasonable men may make irrational choices. This just goes to show that anything can be done with reason. Popeyes philosophy is just that. He uses his body , mind , (and spinach ) to make sure anything he needs done, gets done. Of course spinach can’t give everyone motivation , but something can. We should all find our motivation to set priorities and accomplish goals, like popeye and his fish. He never gave up. Even when Olyve Oyl had her doubts (which im sure philosophers get doubted.. a lot) . He uses pure determiation. He adressed the situation, came up with a plan , and executed it. He was a wise sailor if you ask me .

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