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Monday, February 9, 2015

To the library!

See you in 264a Walker Library at 1 on Thursday, section 12 & at 2:40, H1.

Section 8: we'll catch up on quizzes etc. Thursday. Since you didn't appoint authors, the first member of each group to post a comment on the library session will be de facto author. Meanwhile, you can all post your FQs, DQs, links, & comments here. Or wherever.

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  1. Evan Dunne
    Section 8
    Philthy Philosophers

    FQ: According to our readings from Little History, "being philosophical" simply means ______.
    DQ: Where do you think morality spawns from? How do you determine what is "right"?

  2. Section 8
    Philthy Philosophers

    FQ: T/F Epicurus believed you should have a simple lifestyle and strive for moderation. (LH) pg. 22-23
    DQ: How different do you think your moral compass would be if you were raised in a different society or culture than the one you are in now? How much has Western civilization influenced our judgment and morals?

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    "Hi. I'm Peter Cavendish and I'd like to apply for a library card."

    "That username is already taken. Please choose another."

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    "It was almost a library."


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    "It was almost a library."


  6. Madi Stephens9:31 AM CST

    Section 8 Group 1
    Thoughts/Questions fort today's reading (2/10/15)

    Factual questions:
    1. What idea lies at the heart of Stoicism?
    2. What two writers helped to spread the Stoic teaching?
    Discussion Questions:
    1. In such a hectic world do you think that most people are hiding from themselves by staying busy? Do you think "hiding from ourselves" more common in our generation compared to that of our parents/grandparents?
    2. Do you think that a "state of indifference" will reduce unhappiness in the face of events beyond our control?

    Thoughts: I partly agree with the idea of the Stoics. I do believe that we have the capability to control our reactions and emotional responses in unexpected situations. Even though we cannot control the situation itself we can control how we respond. I also agree that we get caught up in our emotions and because of that we do not always make the best and most logical/rational decisions. I do think that life I short and we should live it to the fullest but I we were to have more control over our emotional responses, our lives would be much more productive.