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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Section 8. Group 1

Today, we discussed how God came about and the history of the Bible, Koran, and etc.... History is made up of lies because it has been tossed around by all kinds of perspectives. For example, the Bible has been translated and edited so many times that I am starting to have second guesses about it.


  1. My classmate had me in deep thought today in class. She said, " If a person is filled with jealously, murder children or even an entire nation if you didn't worship that person. She said, " What if that person is God? " So who is the cruel one God or Satan? I believe in God so I wouldn't question him but that is great controversial topic.

    1. An interesting bit of philosophy on the topic...

  2. My question is actually not if God is cruel, but rather which one is really God and which the devil? If we say that God is good and the Devil is evil, we must then look to our definitions of good and evil. If one of them murders countless people for simply not agreeing with him and doing as he says, murders children, requests sacrifices, bans the appreciation and collection of art (anything found in the sea, earth or heavens) and cleanses the world of anyone who disagrees with him: is that the good God? If the other was thrown out for disagreeing with him and his great crime was wishing man to think for himself and gain wisdom, is he the bad Devil?

    My question is then, have we named them incorrectly? If not, why? If so, why? Do we know which is good and which is evil?

    But then, I am socratic...and frequently checking my drinks.

  3. FQ: T/F Epicurus believed in punishment in the afterlife.
    FQ: What did Pyrrho think we should completely ignore?
    DQ: Is the idea of death any easier to think about if you are religious or not?
    DQ:In today's society, do you think an Epicurean lifestyle of true simplicity is even possible?

  4. Madi Stephens8:48 AM CST

    Section 8

    Discussion Questions:
    1. David Hume argues that a rational person should never believe a report of a ________ taking place.
    2. True/False? Non-realist believe argue that it is a mistake to think of God as something existing independently of human beings.
    3. The Ancient Greek Pyrrho was the most famous and extreme ________ of all time.
    4. Where was Epicurus born?

    Discussion Questions:
    1. Do you believe that the "Gamblers Argument" is a rational way of thinking - to maximize our chances of "winning" by believing in God?
    2. When it comes to faith and the belief of God, is it ignorant to find truth and believe (have faith) in something intangible?

  5. Anonymous9:29 AM CST

    Mei Zhi Wang

    God or no god, devil or no devil, I think in this nation in today's world, people choose for themselves. Not saying that believing in a religion is bad or not believing in a religion is bad, but instead hating on the next group is the bad. If people can coexist than religion can coexist. There are always exceptions of course, but most of the time, if people can respect one another, there wouldn't be much of a problem.

  6. I've been reading some of the other threads and it got me thinking about the separation of church and state.

    I have to state that I am very much for that separation, in fact I think it is imperative for both sides. Let me explain.

    I read the bible every night for many years, chapters at a time. I would not say I have it memorised but I would say I understand it pretty well. The first sin, in the garden of eden, was the eating of the apple that granted us wisdom. It was a direct order that we not seek wisdom by eating this fruit as we would no longer be innocent.

    Now, simply because we already ate that fruit does not mean that God suddenly feels differently and wishes all of his people to continue to seek it out. I am not one for the diminishment of texts by interpretation, if God said something, then we must assume that he meant it. Why else would he say it? Far too many people want to take only what they wish from things, join up and be a part of something but then mold it into what they think suits them. God said no wisdom, that seeking out wisdom was bad. He also said that art was bad, any representation of anything on earth, in the sea or in the heavens is a sin. It's right in the ten commandments. There are, in fact, many things in the bible that go ignored by most christians as many tend to say simply, "I'm sure he did not really mean that. He must have meant (insert idea here).

    So, what does all of this have to do with the separation of church and state? Well, let's take schools as an example. The purpose of school is wisdom, learning, educating others and being educated. That is, in itself, a sin against a God and why we had to leave the Garden of Eden. At least, if you believe that the bible is true, that is.So, by all rights, christians (as an example) should be learning only of God and what he wishes for them. As impractical as that would be in todays world, that is his wish. As the wishes of God and the purpose of schools conflict to their very core, how does it make any sense at all to have religion in the schools?

    Now, this is only one example but I would also dare to state that there are a number of religions in this world and if we are truly looking to be a "melting pot of understanding and ideas", we cannot give unfair time or advantage to any one religion. By this, I mean, that we must include all religions in every school if we include one. I'm afraid that is going to lengthen the school day dramatically for students, unless we drop all of the other academic requirements. I'm not saying it is not a good idea to learn about them, I'm just looking at the amount of time in the day.

    I should mention, as well, that I am not Anti-Christian, nor truly opposed to any religion in particular. I simply believe that religion has absolutely no place in school, government or non-religious aspects of our life. I'll fight to the death for your right to believe whatever you want, but religion does not make us good people or better leaders, just as it does not make us worse or awful people. We are good or bad based on our own merits, our actions and how we treat others.There are good and bad in every group of people and every set of beliefs. Therefore, why should we feel a need to include one set of beliefs more than any other?

    I say, believe as you wish and celebrate your freedom to do so. Let us all appreciate this world and each other and fall into whatever works for us, respecting that what we do in life far outweighs whatever might come with death.