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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Group Project Section 12 (Tyler Wren, Zach Byrn, Dallas Barrett, Anne Gillcrist)

Our group chose to individually write our own This I Believe essay. The essays must be accepted by the website, but we will share our essays on presentation day. This project gave each of our group members to write about something they feel passionate about. 

My contribution to the project was writing about true happiness. I mentioned Aristotle's idea that children can not be truly happy. Unlike the ideals of Aristotle I believe that true happiness can be best depicted in children and their behaviors and attitudes. Children can be made happy with the simplest of things. Aristotle explains that children have not lived a long enough life to know true happiness, but I believe that childhood is when you experience the truest of all happiness. Children do not know the stresses of finance or time, and they are made happy by imagination and intrigued by new things. I maybe could have agreed with Aristotle if it were not for my eight-year-old niece and three-year-old nephew. I will better explain on presentation day!(:


  1. I wrote my "This I Believe" on my own personal beliefs in God. I won't get too in depth in this post, but I will read my entire post in class on Thursday.

    Essentially I say what I used to believe as a younger child and the way that those beliefs changed in my teenage years and what I believe as a college age student as a young adult.

  2. I wrote my ''I Believe" essay on religion, war, Jesus, science, and God. I basically broke it down into section God and Jesus, Religion, Science, and war. The controversies are two-fold between each other. This is because, no matter how strong the argument, one can't prove ones own view and disprove someone else's view.
    I believe region has caused many people to fight in wars against each other just over an idea called "Religion." In the christian religion, it is a sin to murder, but acts of killing was all up-and-down the battlefield over this idea called "Religion." All I see and hear is bigots filled with bigotry.

  3. While writing my "This I Believe" essay, I started to question my reasons for actually believing God. While I'm not going to go into full detail about my essay until my presentation, I believe that the simple things in life, such as the worlds beauty and all of the complex biological life that exist on the planet, are to complex to just happened by genetic evolution and adaptation. While I fully do believe in the science of biology, I also believe that it is too coincidental to just be random occurrence.
    In addition to the simple things in life, I also believe that in order for both the "good" and "bad" events of life to occur, there must be some sort of being in control of these events. I also believe that there must be a reason for these events.

    At the end of my essay, I do a quick telling of one such event that changed my life forever. Despite how hard it was to overcome the damage done by this one event, the process of overcoming the hard times was enough to help me realize that God has a plan, and at the end, we'll be able to figure out what that reason actually was.