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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Midterm Group about Religion and God (Section 8)

Midterm group can post their summaries in the comments here.


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  2. My group and I have decided to all write about our differing views on religion and or God. I would consider myself a Christian. I believe there is a God and that he is our creator. I do not however, believe in religion. I feel religion has caused more wars and judgment between people than many other things and I feel they are missing the point of what a church should be. I would say I am non-denominational when it comes to religion, but I am very spiritual. I still pray and have my beliefs of what it is to be a good person, but they are mine, not religions. I feel many people may take the Bible too literally and this has caused many conflicts amongst individuals. Maybe the Bible is not all factual, but they are stories intended to teach us about a certain aspects of life. I also feel it is hard to trust the language as it has been translated many times and words may have different meanings now then what they did thousands of years ago. Regardless I still read the Bible and find it very inspirational when I need some encouragement every now and again.
    My philosophy on life is to not judge anyone no matter what his or her religion or beliefs may be even if they are different from mine. I feel it is important that everyone should have some sort of spiritual driving force in his or her lives, whatever it may be. Even if there is really a God or not, and I pass someday and end up as nothing more than dirt in the ground, I would die happy. I would rather live my entire life believing in God and eternal happiness and die to find out it was not real, than to live my whole life not believing and die to find out Heaven is real.

  3. I personally don’t classify myself into any religion; I am more of a spiritual person, but if one were to classify me I suppose I would be a Christian since that’s what my background and initial faith was in. I don’t necessarily have anything against Christianity, however I feel that by being spiritual person I am growing more with my “creator” more so than I ever could by reading the bible and going to church. I believe there is a higher power, and a book won’t allow me full access to he/she like meditation will. It was a struggle getting to where I am spiritually because I’m a preachers kid, and I was taught to live my life with a certain code of morals and values. As I’ve gotten older I realize that just because I don’t identify myself as a “Christian” doesn’t mean that I cant have a set of moral codes or values, and to be honest I still have some similar morals to the Christian faith. How I connect with my creator is by meditating, getting in touch with nature, and disconnecting from the world (i.e. turning off my cell phone, not watching TV, closing my computer, and being alone) at least 2 hours a day. By doing these things I allow my spiritual side to connect so that I may hear my creators voice, and feel the presence. Some people might not agree with my words or choices, but honestly I have a deeper connection and understanding of my creator and myself than I’ve ever had, and ultimately it’s really about feeding your spirit with what motivates you.

  4. Zach Newlin12:57 AM CST

    I would consider myself as a Catholic. I’ve been taught about religion since I was five, and I was in a private school all the way through high school. Being allowed that privilege I was able to learn not just about Catholicism but about many other religions such as Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, atheist, and many more. With my whole family being catholic and baptized at birth, having my Grandfather as a deacon, and Great Uncles as Priests I was raised to believe in God. I did not allow that to interfere with what I believed in. As I was taught about Catholicism, I was able to make my own choices about my views on God, and what I believed. I believe that going to church can help you get away from the world and put your focus fully on God, and feel his presence throughout the service. It’s always nice to feel a sense of inner peace after the church service is done, as I’m on my way to my grandmothers for Sunday brunch. Although they teach to read the bible, and say the rosary, but I prefer to just take time away from some of my days and just pray, and I feel more connected with God than I would reading the bible. I’m a firm believer that when I take time to pray, I’m alone and it is just me and God, I have no distractions, and I feel his presence more . I also think that if you allow yourself to let God into your life, you feel better as a person, and things work out because God is watching over you and protecting you.

  5. We did a great job today you guys, the class was definitely lively today lol